Golu Gold wiki, new bhojpuri songs, biography, age, phone number, girlfriend

Do you want to know the famous and popular Playback singer of Bhojpuri industry, I know you surely want to and why not he is one of the most famous and most loved playback singer who is always supported by his fan, family, friends and many people.

His hit songs is always loved and entertained by everyone. Once his song is released through social media it breaks all the records that are setup by other Bhojpuri songs. He is none other than the dashing Playback singer of Bhojpuri industry Golu Gold wikipedia yes you heard it right he is Golu Gold a popular classical Bhojpuri singer. He is very hardworking and cool guy. He always helps the needy, he works tirelessly to entertain his fans through his Bhojpuri songs and Bhojpuri Movies.

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Golu Gold latest bhojpuri songs,wiki, biography, age, phone number

Golu Gold wikipedia, he was born in Ara a place or rather say town in Bihar. Ara is very good place in Bihar to live. He has completed his education from the famous college of Ara that is Maharaja College. He has sung many hit Bhojpuri songs. If we talk about date of birth then it is 25 December 1999. He was born in the historical place of Bihar that is Nalanda. As you would be knowing that Nalanda is famous for its education centre in Magadha Kingdom. His current city is Ara where he has most followers. He is Hindu by birth and loves singing and acting, he also loves to play cricket and football sometimes. His father name is Manilal Prasad and his mother is Shail Devi.

One of the most popular question and even you would be having is Golu Gold married or not ? then the answer is no he is still not married he loves to stay single as per our source, if your next question is who is Golu Gold's girlfriend and Golu Gold Height then the answer is he doesn't have any girlfriend he is single and maybe he wants to stay single throughout his life. Recently we have seen his photos, in this photos he seems to be in Dubai. He is really enjoying his life like a great singer.

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Golu Gold wiki, Biography, Education

He completed his degree from Bachari college. He is always active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other social medias. He always share his photos and tourist places where ever he goes to his fan through social media. He is also famous for his love songs and sometimes sad songs also. He is very charming actor as girls sees him.

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His songs are mostly heard in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and many other states. If we talk about the persons who are close to Golu Gold then they are Bhojpuri singer Lucky Raja and Bhojpuri singer Chandan Chanchal this both are very famous Bhojpuri playback singer and they are said to be very close to Golu Gold. 

You will be surprised to know that Golu Gold started his career with famous Bhojpuri actress Rani Chandan with very popular and famous blockbuster Bhojpuri songs ‘Baraf Ke Pani’ with actress Neha and is also said that his favorite Bollywood actress is Aishwarya, and why not she Fav of almost every Indian. You will find all information on Golu Gold wikipedia, height, biography, age, girlfriend, new bhojpuri songs and many more things

He has shared his contact number so that anyone can book him for any stage show for stage program in marriage or anywhere else. Yes you heard it right even you can call him if you have enough money, but he has not shared his personal information.

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Golu Gold Early Life

He comes from very small family where his father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife. They have always supported their son so that he can become a great Bhojpuri singer and Bhojpuri actor and also entertain his fans, not only this he is trying to improve the song qualities that are sung in Bhojpuri industry. He is very charming and he always try to appear in Bhojpuri songs with new Bhojpuri actress. He is a promising singer. Many people also search for Golu Gold address, but it is not safe to reveal the home address of Golu Gold. He loves to sing Bhojpuri Dj Songs which is played during festival season. You can also watch latest Bhojpuri Dj songs from Youtube which would be released by them on their official channel. He has won many awards for his talents that he posses. 

Golu Gold Latest Bhojpuri Songs

His latest Bhojpuri Song is ‘Man Manat Naikhe’ which was released on 24 Aug 2020 through social media and Youtube channel. You can also listen to Golu Gold New hit Bhojpuri Songs from official channel. You can also download New Bhojpuri Songs, mp3 songs of Golu Gold from their official websites. One of the most famous loved and liked Bhojpuri Video Songs of Golu Gold is ‘Maja Letaru Yaar Se’. You can also download new Golu Gold mp3 songs once it is released from their official website.

By reading this you would have surly got information about Golu Gold wiki, new songs, age, biography, latest bhojpuri songs, Golu Gold wikipedia and many more information.If you need more information about Golu Gold like new Bhojpuri songs or latest Bhojpuri songs download, Golu Gold wikipedia, Golu Gold Height and Golu Gold new mp3 songs download then comment in the comment box I will surely provide you.

Golu Gold Latest Holi songs and Navratri Bhajans

As you would be knowing that almost all Bhojpuri Actors and Bhojpuri Actress release thier Bhojpuri Album during the festive time and so does your favorite actor and singer Golu Gold does. He has released n number of Bhojpuri Holi Dj songs which can be played during holi celebration. 

His latest Bhojpuri Holi song which was released on 2nd March is 'Baiganwa Fagun mei Khada rahela'. This Holi song was released through Youtube channel. Before this their was another holi bhojpuri song which was released the bhojpuri video song is 'Padosi Ke Holi'. This song crossed 1million views in few days. You can also free download Bhauji Ke Kaun Rang Dele Ba Unhe this also Golu Gold's latest Bhojpuri video Songs on Holi.

He has also released many Bhojpuri Navratri songs or rather Bhojpuri Navratri Bhajans and their are many other songs on Chhath Pooja.

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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions About Golu Gold

1)What is age of Golu Gold?

Ans. He was born on 25 Dec 1999,so you can calculate by yourself.

2)What is weight and height of Golu Gold?

Ans. Weight is around 60kg and height is 5’3” (this all values are approx).

3)What is mobile number of Golu Gold?

Ans. He has not shared his personal mobile number.

4)Who is wife of Golu Gold?

Ans. He is still not married.

5)What is total income of Golu Gold?

Ans. His income has not yet been released.

6)How much does he charge for one Bhojpuri movie?

Ans. Golu Gold's movie charges has not yet been revealed.

7) How much does Golu Gold charge for stage shows?

Ans. His Stage show charges has not been updated after COVID 

period and will be updated soon 

We wish all the best for his upcoming Bhojpuri movies, Bhojpuri video songs and all the work he going to do for his fans. Good Luck!!!

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