How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire game in 2022, Free Diamonds in new year easy steps, Daily updates

Here you will get to know how easily you can get free diamonds and elite pass along with Redeem Code for free. New tips and tricks and easy steps to get free diamonds for free fire.


is also known as 'FREE FIRE' which has become one of the most trending game nowadays. In this article you will get to know how to get free diamonds in free fire Game or get Garena free fire free diamonds. It is an online battle Royal game which was developed and published by Garina for both android and IOS users. In the year 2020 FFWS which stands for( free fire world series)was replaced by the free fire continental series because of the covid 19 pandemic.

#Free Fire News: Get 1000 Diamonds easily in very steps and daily redeem code update soon

In this article you will also get to know how to get 100 free diamonds in free fire or get free fire redeem code just by one click, you can also get free diamonds, characters in free fire, skins and many more interesting thing. In February 2021 Garina had announced a FFWS with a $2 million prize Pool and it was held in May 2021 in Singapore.

The gameplay is very smooth and attractive to the players who are looking for more fun, easy game play and also for an alternative to pubg then all you have to do is go install and enjoy.

There are so many different ways to get free diamonds in free fire but these are the 7 easiest, cheapest and simplest way to get free diamonds in free fire or 100 free diamonds without spending any money. 

They are:

1.Free Fire Diamonds Giveaways

2.Google Opinion Rewards



5.Poll pay App


7.Participate in custom room

These are some common ways to get diamonds for free in Free fire it is also way to get more than 32 unique characters with their unique abilities which brings a lot of impacts in the game differently and makes it more interesting. Other than this it allows the players to use items such as cosmetics and skins for free which other online games mostly don't offer. Know how to get diamonds for free in free fire, get diamonds easily in free fire or free diamonds for new players and experienced player, you can also get free fire free diamond link.

As we all have come to know that how important it is to have diamonds in the game because it is one of the most important source to buy cosmetics and skins such as unique characters in free fire battle royal game, game weapons, exciting bundles and many more stuffs which makes your game even more interesting. 

Who is best Free Fire Player in the world and in Indian server ?

So, need not worry guys, all you have to do is just follow these instructions given below which are very easy and convenient to get free diamonds in free fire or free fire diamonds for free fire without human verification or learn latest tricks to get free diamonds or redeem code.

Free fire diamonds Giveaways:

Giveaways are one of the most easiest way for any players to get free diamonds or get 100 diamonds for free with new tricks. In order to get free diamonds firstly, you should follow these famous youtube streamers which are mentioned below in order to participate in the Diamonds Giveaways because these are the famous free fire players who organize giveaways more often.

a. Total gaming

b. Shiv Gaming

c. Him Legend

d. Gyan Gaming

e. Sk Gaming 

f. Black Flag Army

g. Pre Gaming 

h. Badge 99

i. Zain Gaming 

j. Nobru Gaming 

k. Ankush Free Fire

l. Vincenzo

m. Desi Gamers

The above mentioned famous free fire YouTube streamers organize many giveaways for diamonds on daily basis which is the coolest way one can grab diamonds for free for which all you have to do is just complete few tasks given by them and get your free diamonds in the free fire game in your hands.

Secondly, you will just have to copy, paste your free fire account uid in the comment box of the famous free fire YouTube streamers which are mentioned above for participating in the free diamond giveaways and in case you are finding any difficulty or any kind of issues you can always contact to the streamers social media handle and get it solved. So this is one of the coolest way to get diamonds for free or get bonus diamonds in free fire.

Google opinion rewards :

This is another basic way to get free diamonds for your gameplay.

This platform is one of the most easiest and cheapest way to get your diamonds for free in the free fire game you don’t have any price for this diamonds. All you have to do is just answer few basic questions with multiple choice options asked by them (example is given below) only for few seconds and win google play credits and also it is very beneficial as you can also earn money without spending anything except time and with that money you can be able to top up in the free fire game. 


If you have any difficulty then, do check out this example given below:

This example will give you an idea about the survey questions which are asked:

Which colour do you prefer?

a. Blue




After you finish selecting your answer, they will reward you with ₹1 to ₹20. Suppose you get ₹20 then how you can use this to get your diamonds or redeem code, you will be able to buy air drops in the free fire game which will add more heat in the game. So, hurry up...Below is the link to get 10000 diamonds for free easily.

How to sign up in Google opinion rewards

Following are the few steps by which you can sign up in order to claim your google opinion rewards:

Step 1: You will have to first choose one email account in order to sign up Google opinion rewards.

Step 2:After finishing with step 1 you have to enter your first and last name in the box.

Step 3:The last but not the least step is to enter your current location pincode number.

After you successfully complete the above mentiond steps, you will be signed up for your Google opinion rewards.

Booyah! app v

This platform allows the free fire players to easily host their live streaming in the social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitteh etc, which is free of cost. You will have to just complete the tasks given and gain your free diamonds, best tips for free fire.

Steps to get free diamonds through mobile Booyah app:

Step 1: If you are an Android user then visit Google playstore but if you are an iOS user then go to iOS app store and then type Booyah app,click on the app and download it and also make sure that you are having a good connectivity to the internet.

Step 2: After downloading, it is compulsory for you to first create an account for the app because this will detect your free fire account and will send the rewards directly to your account.

Step 3: After this go to the main menu and click on the 'Task Centre' to view all your tasks assigned which you have to complete it in order to get free diamonds.

Step 4: Click on the "Watch Clips" to win events and make sure that you complete the task before they expire.

Step 5: After this step, the app will take you to a section where you need to watch few short video clips created by popular youtube streamers and users for a duration of 10 minutes after which you can claim your free diamonds in free fire. Know more simple steps to free diamonds in free fire.


Another way to get free diamonds in the free fire easily is mistplay where the players have to claim their free diamonds by just participating in the games of their choice. If you are able to make more points by participating in more games then well and good because there are so many different awards, gift cards available for redemptions after the players accumulate specific number of points.

Mobile app for free fire diamonds Poll pay app :

It is the same as above. It provides the players free 1000 diamonds by just providing surveys, tasks, quizzes for which they have to finish it in due time. The players can cash out their earnings by paypal, paytm, phonepay, googlepay or any other online payment method and use it freely to buy free diamonds in the free fire.

Website to get free diamonds Swagbucks :

It is one of the best website to get free diamonds and free redeem codes without solving any complex task. This is one of the most used GPT (Get paid two) site. In this the users are basically asked to solve quizzes, complete surveys and install applications only after which they get cash which they can cash out their earnings through many different websites and online payment services. 

There are also other different websites for free fire free diamonds latest, such as prize rebel, ysense by which players can claim free diamonds for their free fire game but be aware of the security threats.

Participate in custom room of free fire to get free diamonds :

Another most common and simplest way is to just participate in the custom room of free fire to get your free diamonds. Popular youtubers such as Dj Alok, Ajjubhai often give chance to the players to play custom and if the players defeat them then, they make sure that they top up free diamonds in the players free fire account. So, the players will have to go to only popular youtube streamers channel and participate in their giveaway in order to get the diamonds for free in the free fire game.

We assure you guys that those above mentioned different ways to get free diamonds in the free fire, tips to get free diamonds, free redeem codes, garena free fire diamond redeem code, free fire free diamond link, Elite Pass, free fire diamond generator tool, will be helpful and it doesn't require much time also. In coming articles you will get to know how to get free diamonds in 2022 easily and from where to get free redeem code and free elite pass.

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