Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad New Bhojpuri Movie full (720p,480mb), Pradeep Pandey New and upcoming Bhojpuri Movies

New Bhojpuri movie HD free download (or how to download new Bhojpuri movies) coming soon, not much too wait. It will be released soon in the coming month, mainly in the first week of December as per the report. This is going to be the latest movie of Pradeep Pandey Chintu and it will be released in theatre all over India. Please follow the rules for your own safety. Free download in hd full Bhojpuri movie, new Bhojpuri movie full download for free or watch online full bhojpuri movie 2021 and 2022.


The New hd Bhojpuri movie is 'Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad'. Pradeep Pandey Chintu is so excited about this upcoming new bhojpuri movie that he keeps sharing about this latest movie through his social accounts. To your knowledge he is on Facebook, snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and so on. He has 1Million follower on Instagram and is mainly active on Instagram. 

He shares details of upcoming new bhojpuri movie through this media. You can find all details of upcoming movie and latest video song in bhojpuri. All his movie details are also released on YouTube through their official channel. Here you will get all details about how to download full new bhojpuri movies for free, list all of all bhojpuri movies 2021 and 2022.

This movie is going to be a blockbuster in the theatre. The team has come up with good idea, new story, different type of character, different stunts actions and many twists and turns you will find it very interesting and enjoyable. It is going to be family movie means you can sit and watch with your family. This movie seems to be very promising and it will surely give some teachings to the younger about the the family relations. 

As the title suggests Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad free download it will surely help the youngers to know what blessings of mother and father can do. Good wishes from father and mother changes one's life. This movie should be surely watched by the people who disrespect their father and mother. Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad new bhojpuri movie is going to be super hit. 

The main actors and actress in this movie are Pradeep R Pandey "chintu", Sanchita Banerjee, Kajal Yadav, Awdesh Mishra, Sudha Jha, Anita Rawat, Shravani Goswami. These were some of the best and favourite actors and actresses of this movie who are in lead role. The trailer of the Hd Bhojpuri movie was released on YouTube channel world wide records Bhojpuri. You will also get information about list of all Pradeep Pandey New Bhojpuri Movie 2021 and 2022. Watch for free full Bhojpuri movie Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad. List of songs in Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad free download, free download new songs of Pradeep Pandey chintu.

Pradeep R Pandey 'Chintu' 

The lead actor of the movie Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad full movie free download is one of the famous and legend actor of Bhojpuri movies. He has won many awards for his acting and singing talents. He keeps coming with new movie which includes new dialogue, new stunts, new climax and so on. During his movie shooting he comes up with new bhojpuri song on YouTube channel. He is very kind hearted man who always respect his fans and lovers. 

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He never shows his attitude like other actors or actresses but sometimes he does. Some of his recent movies in bhojpuri language are: Vivah free download,  hd download Prem Geet, Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad download and many more are coming. Some of his new bhojpuri video songs HD are: 36 go Aai re, Man Kare Choom Lin Aasmaan, Aankh Mei Chashma Lagake and so on. New Bhojpuri Movies or bhojpuri movies of Pradeep Pandey Chintu in 2022 watch online for free.

Sanchita Banerjee

The young and energetic actress of Bhojpuri movie Sanchita Banerjee is one of the best and talented actress of bhojpuri industry. She is very happy and excited about her coming movie. She seems to play a very important role in this HD movie Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad free download. The climax and suspense of the major part of the movie revolves around her and the other actress. 

Kajal Yadav

She is one of the most entertaining actress of the Bhojpuri movies. She appears in many HD  Bhojpuri video songs also. She is best dancer. Her expressions are at different level. She is also playing an important and lead role in this free download Hd movie Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad. This movie will surely be one of the best entertaining movie of Bhojpuri industry. You can also watch new Bhojpuri movies of Kajal Yadav online for free or new bhojpuri Movie Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad full download.

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Awdesh Mishra

His role in this movie is of father. His role is to act as father of the hero. He is very promising actor and always performs his role with all effort and energy and never dissapoints his fans. The major part of the story of this movie seems to revolve around this actor who is playing as father role. In the movie he is not rich but comes from poor family. You will see how a poor father works to keep his family happy, what all things he does to full fill all needs of his son or daughter. In this new or upcomming Bhojpuri movie you will find him mostly playing sad role but sometimes he is seen happy also as one can see in the trailer.

Story Writer

The writer of the Hd movie free download Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad free download, is Veeru Thakur. He has worked very hard to write this unique story. He has written this story in such a way that no one would be able to predict the next scene. This movie has many twists and turns and suspense. The story of this movie mainly revolves around the 6 to 7 characters and seems to be very interesting, after seeing the trailer of movie.


Pradeep Singh And Pratik Singh are the producer of this movie Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad free new download Bhojpuri movie. They have supported the actors and actresses of this movie at every step. They have supported the team members of this movie whenever the team required their support. They have produced many Bhojpuri movies and most of them were block buster.


The director of the movie Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad free download in HD is Rafiq Latif Shaikh. He is one of the famous director of the Bhojpuri movie. He is very friendly and innovative director as his team members tell about him.

Music Director

The famous music director is none other than Madhukar Anand. he considered as one of the best music director of recent times in Bhojpuri industry. He has directed many songs which are still played in ceremonies or rather say on different occasions. His New Bhojpuri songs are amazing and unmatchable. The youngsters under his direction learn many new things, not only the youngsters but the experienced people can also learn many new things under his guidance. 

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Dialogue Writer 

The experienced and legend of Bhojpuri movie dialogue writer is K Manoj Singh. His dialogue are always unique and new. He always comes up with new dialogues, he is considered as one of the innovative dialogue writer of Bhojpuri Movies. He tries to mix hindi and Bhojpuri language and produce the dialogue. 

One of his best dialogue 'Jindagi Jhand Ba Phir Bhi Ghamand Ba' which is one of the epic dialogue of Bhojpuri movies, this dialogue is remembered by the children's also. He not only writes dialogues but also is a great story writer. We can find many Bhojpuri movie hd free download written by him. He also has habbit of writing New Bhojpuri songs.


After seeing the trailer if the New Bhojpuri movie 'Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad' free download who is the action master or the action director of this Bhojpuri movie, you don't have to guess for too long his name is Dilip Yadav. One of the famous and talented action director in Bhojpuri industry. 

His actions are of very high level and he is trying very hard to improve the actions done by Bhojpuri Actors as he believes that Bhojpuri Actors and actress are very hardworking and they can do good stunts if proper direction is given. As you would have seen in trailer that he has directed  very good stunts. He believes that stunts should be done by the actors ans actresses themselves and not by the proxy. 

In this movie free download 'Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad', you can see the lead actor Pradeep R Pandey 'Chintu' has done a great job. Dilip Yadav's actions are that if south movies type of that of Tollywood type, may be he is inspired by them.

Other Team Members of 'Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad'

There are many members who has put there effort so that this new Bhojpuri movie free download Hd Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad becomes an epic. The costumes used in this movie were amazing, the costume designer of this movie is Badshah Khan. Then comes the dance part, the actors and actresses have done great job if we look the dances, the famous choreographer who has helped them is Rikki Gupta, Ram devan, Sanjay Korbe. 

New hd movie free download Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad. How can we miss the main part of the work that is the editing part, editing part is the most tedious work one finds in the completion of the movie, the editor of this movie Mai Babuji ke Aashirwad free download is none other than Santosh Harawade. He has really worked hard to complete the New Bhojpuri movie as per the director's and producers requirement. 

Some Questions and Answer about the New movie 

(1)Who is the lead actor of Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad?

Ans. The lead actor of this movie is Pradeep R Pandey.

(2)How to download new Bhojpuri movie for free?

Ans. You can download new Bhojpuri movie for free once it is available on their official channel.

(3)Total collection of Mai Babuji Ke Aashirwad full movie?

Ans. Soon update.

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