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Latest Bhojpuri movie of the legend of Bhojpuri Pawan Singh is Mera Watan Free Download once available from its original website. Pawan Singh new Bhojpuri movie Mera Watan is one of the patriotic bhojpuri movies you will surely enjoy watching it. The actors, director, producer and the rest of the team members have done great hardwork in making this movie. 

Pawan Singh New Bhojpuri Movie free download Mera Watan trailer is out on Youtube channel New Bhojpuri of pawan Singh the star of Bhojpuri industry is always an epic to watch. His new bhojpuri movie are always with more suspense, climax and full of action. In his movie not only the picture quality is good but also the editing done is also appreciable. 

Pawan Singh always comes with patriotic Bhojpuri movie free download. The main actors and actresses present in this upcoming movie of Pawan Singh are : Pawan Singh, Sapna Gill, Arina, Grace, David,  Deepak Sinha, Padam Sing, Snajay Mahanand, Ananjay Raghuraj, Anuradha Singh, Anoya Borah, Ulas khudwa, Shraddha Naval, Uzair Khan. These some of the actors and actresses in the New Bhojpuri movie free download.

Mera Watan

As the title of this new Bhojpuri movie of Pawan Singh suggest that, it is going to be about his country which is India. Till now you would be wondering who is the the co star or the lead actress of this new bhojpuri movie, so the lead actress is the beautiful lady with beautiful smile is Sapna Gill. She has done her work beautifully as seen in the trailer. She is very energetic actress who is very serious about her work. She gives 100% in her work. 

Sapna Gill one of the favourite actress of the young generation. Mera Watan upcoming movie of Pawan Singh and Sapna gill will be loved by the audience. This new Bhojpuri movie of Sapna Gill is going to be the best Bhojpuri movie free download with Pawan Singh as star cast. Pawan Singh has helped alot in producing the dialogue, his guidance has taught alot to the young actress Sapna Gill. There are many foreign actors and actress who have worked in this upcoming movie of Pawan Singh. Many of them are from United Kingdom. So what do you think is Bhojpuri Industry is increasing its level by taking foreign actors and actresses in the new Bhojpuri movie free download in hd. 

By seeing the trailer we can guess partially what would be the story of this upcoming or new Bhojpuri movie of Pawan Singh and Sapna Gill. In the trailer we see that the scene starts from Pawan Singh Singing. Then what we see in the trailer is that hero and heroine's father talk over phone of how much the girls father misses bihar and we come across the main part of the movie that hero and heroine are married when they were small. The girls father gets an attack or he does acting of attack due to which the girl agrees to get married to the hero but only on one condition that the hero has to come along with her to UK.

Here the heroine asks the hero that he has to get his beard and moustache shaved to which the hero accepts. After a while we come to the scene where the heroine does not accept her husband as truth and she tells him that marriage was only an acting just to impress her father. First part of this new bhojpuri movie of Pawan Singh and Sapna Gill is some what predictable and very similar to Namaste London of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif but the twist comes in the second part where some foreign girl call the lead actress and tells her that the hero loves her and she is her girlfriend, this twist comes  when the heroine falls in love with the hero. This scene brings the suspense in the  Bhojpuri movie Mera Watan. This twist and turn will entertain the viewers. ( this is one part of the new Bhojpuri movie hd which may or may not be true). 

Pawan Singh

The legend star of Bhojpuri movies who has taken Bhojpuri industry to different height. He is one of the best singer and actor of Bhojpuri movies. He has done acting and has sung many Bhojpuri songs. He has even performed stage programs in different parts of India. Pawan Singh new Bhojpuri movie Mera Watan whose major shooting is done on foreign land is what the viewers want to see. In this upcoming new bhojpuri movie of Pawan Singh and Sapna Gill, the foreigners have also done a great job. The foreign actress dancing like bihari style is something different. You can download for free bew bhojpuri from their official website.

Sapna Gill

One of the great talents that the Bhojpuri idustry has found. She is very beautiful actress. Het acting skills are appreciable. In this movie Mera Watan She seems to be doing a great job. She is not only good actress but also a great dancer which we can see in the trailer. She is very happy that she has done a Bhojpuri movie with Pawan Singh and also she is very excited for the movie.


The director of the movie is Ishtiyaque Shaikh. He is also known as Bunty. He is very harworking director who has put in great effort to make this movie. His direction is always appreciated among the industry. He is inspired by Rohit Shetty.


The producer of the movie Mera Watan Bhojpuri movie is Abhay Sinha and Prashant Jammuwala. This is thier high budget Bhojpuri movie. They have spent a lot to complete this movie. 

There are many other team members who have also worked hard they are the story writer, the story writer of the Bhojpuri movie Mera Watan is Ishtiyaque Shaikh Bunty, who is also the director of this movie, then comes the editor, the editor of this movie is Nagendra Yadav, background music by Shekhar Singh, Executive Producer Anil kumar Singh, creative head Pankaj Tiwari, Dialogue Dilip K Rawat, Choreographer Sanjay Korve and Ricky Gupta and count still increases. They have done a great job, free download bhojpuri movie Mera Watan.We wish all the best to team members!!!!

Some Questions and Answers

(1)Who is the actor of Mera Watan Bhojpuri Movie?
Ans. Pawan Singh

(2)Who is the lead actress of new Bhojpuri movie Mera Watan?
Ans. Sapna Gill

(3)Total collection of Mera Watan?
Ans. Soon update.

(4)How to download Mera Watan Full Movie?
Ans Soon Update

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