Dandnayak New Bhojpuri Movie 720p(480mb), Yash Kumar and Kajal Raghwani Bhojpuri Movies, Release date, full details

One of the most awaited Bhojpuri movie in 720p, 480mb is Dandnayak. How to download new Bhojpuri movie, free download new Bhojpuri movie in hd full? In this article you will get all the information related to the this movie Dandnayak like, official trailer, release date, total collection, actress and many more things.


Here is the new movie of Yash Kumar, Dandnayak, which will be released in Bhojpuri language. This is going to be big budget movie of Yash Kumar. He has really worked hard to complete this movie. Dandnayak Movie free download full movie is going to be about the sufferings that one goes in his lifetime. The story is amazing and interesting. 

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The team has worked really hard, may it be in editing part, directing part, songs, lyrics, background music, dialogues, screenplay and all other areas the team has really worked hard making day and night one. This movie will be released under the production company Yash Kumar Entertainment. He has produced and directed many Bhojpuri movies. His New Bhojpuri movie Dandnayak will be appreciated by the audience once released in the theatre and on YouTube channel.

Story of Dandnayak

The upcoming movie Dandnayak is coming with full of entertainment and some seriousness, it will leave some good impct on the viewers. As the title of the movie suggests or is 'Dandnayak', will be based on some kind of punishment which will be given to the person who commits some kind of crime. In the first look poster of the movie Dandnayak we can see the lead actor Yash Kumar is wearing shirt and lungi. There is a small baby, boy or girl no idea. 

The background in this poster is of room of poor family. There is two picture of Yash Kumar, the other photo in the poster is the lead actor is in white dress. He seems to be riding a bicycle carrying the baby in the carriage. The lead actor in one photo is very serious and of confused nature. However the other photo of the lead actor is not that serious. It seems that he is going to play or is having two different roles in this upcoming bhojpuri movie 480mb free download. 

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The lead actress photo is not present in the first look poster or trailer of the movie Dandnayak. The poster is different from his rest of the movie and looks very amazing and unique. The lead actor that is Yash Kumar is going to play father's character may be. He is very kind hearted man and he does his role very perfectly with full energy. Dandnayak story would be totally different and unpredictable. He has really come up with new family movie. 


In this movie Kajal Raghwani will be playing as the character of a wife. She is going to be the wife of the lead actor Yash Kumar. After few years of their marriage they are blessed with baby girls, the sad part is that during the delivery of the child the mother that is Kajal Raghwani dies in this movie. After her death the father that is Yash Kumar looks after the child. The main part of the story starts form here. To know more about the movie watch on official YouTube channel or in the theatres.  

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This movie will surely leave some impact on the viewers mainly on the youngsters. This will teach or rather give some kind of lessons to the public. Story of the movie Dandnayak is based on social issues. Like not treating the baby girls with love or having some hatred nature towards them . Through this movie the lead actor Yash Kumar would try to give good message that one should not disrespect the girls and one should always treat the girls with love. Yash Kumar's Bhojpuri movie always teaches something. He always tries to give social message through his movies. 

Some info about Yash Kumar

The dashing star of the Bhojpuri Movies Yash Kumar is very talented actor, producer, director and singer. He is very enthusiastic person who works effortlessly. His works are always admired by other people. He is one of the best motivator in the society who works for the welfare of the people. He always comes up with a new Bhojpuri Movie free that leaves huge impact on the audience or the viewers. 

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His movies are always based on the welfare of the society, he tries to spread good knowledge and ideas in the society. He tells people how one can leave a very simple life. He has done many Bhojpuri movies which has given good messages to the society. He is a respected man, he is always respected by other bhojpuri actors and actresses.

Some superhit movie of yash kumar

As you know that Yash Kumar has produced many several blockbuster Bhojpuri movies. We have got info about some of his top trending Bhojpuri movies of all time.

Dildar Swariya

He started his movie career with Dildar Swariya which was released in the year 2013 in the Bhojpuri language. The director of this movie was Vishal Verma. The main actress of this movie is Anjana Singh. The producer of this movie is Deepak Shah and the story is written by S.K Chouhan.


This is one of the recent movies of Yash Kumar which was released few months ago. In this movie he is playing as the lead character. The lead actress in this movie is Nidhi Jha. The trailer of this movie was released in the month of September through YouTube channel Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. The producer of this movie isRakesh Singh and the Director is Suraj Kumar Giri.

Dehati Babu

This Bhojpuri movie was released in the year 2021. The main actor of this movie Dehati Babu is Yash Kumar. He has worked hard to come up with new and entertaining action and scenes. As the name suggests Dehati Babu, is all about the life of a village boy. The main actress of this Bhojpuri movie is Poonam Dubey. 


Kajal Raghwani

She is one of the main actress of this full HD movie Dandnayak, whose official trailer was released through the youtube channel Enter10. She is one of the top actress who has done many Bhojpuri movies in the year 2021. 

Kajal Raghwani's new Bhojpuri Sasura Bada Satawela along with Pradeep Pandey Chintu was a blockbuster. She has done movies with almost all Bhojpuri actors like Pawan Singh, Khesari Lal Yadav, Pradeep Pandey Chintu, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Samar Singh, Arvind Akela Kalu and now she is doing movie with Yash Kumar which will be released soon in the theatre.

Preeti Shukla

She is also one of the main actress of this movie Dandnayak in hd full movie. She seems to be playing an important role in this Bhojpuri movie whose title is 'Dandnayak' full movie. She is is playing role of the daughter of Yash Kumar and Kajal Raghwani. The story of this movie revolves around this girls. This hd full movie seems to be amazing and entertaining.

Some info about the director

The director of the movie Dandnayak is none other than Sujeet Verma. He is one of the legend director of Bhojpuri movies. He has done many Bhojpuri movies and has received many awards for his work. He is known for his innovative work. He tries to put in new ideas in his hd bhojpuri movie, which are usually different from previous.

Producer of Dandnayak

The producer of this movie is the person who is the main actor of this movie, he is Yash Kumar. His production company is Yash Kumar Entertainment under which this movie Dandnayak full movie hd free in Bhojpuri language will be released.

Dandnayak Movie: MUSIC 

In this Bhojpuri full movie hd the music is composed by Munna Dubey.

Dandnayak Movie : Story

Yash Kumar

Dandnayak Movie : Screenplay

S K. Chauhan

Danadnayak Movie : Dialogues

S.K. Chauhan and Sandeep Kushwaha

Our team wishes Good luck to all the team members who have worked hard to finish this hd Bhojpuri Movie Dandnayak. 

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