Custom Room card in free fire max, free diamonds, Learn simple tricks in free fire

Here you will all information about what is room card in free fire max, how to get unlimited custom room card or how to get free custom room card in free fire. You will also get to know how to create custom room in free fire max.

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what do you mean by Custom room Cards in the free fire max game?

So, custom room card is made so that free fire players can play with their friends and it can be found when you open your homepage in free fire game and check in stores. Free Custom room cards has no limit for players. Many youtube streamers share custom room while they are live streaming. We have put up a list of free fire players who often share their free custom room card during live streaming.

1. TSG Ritik

2. Sudeep Sarkaar

3. Amit Bhai


We will also inform you guys clearly on where you can find free custom card in free fire or unlimited custom room cards

Custom cards can be owned by free fire players if they have 100 diamonds and there are other different types of custom cards which has different features with different costs. But don't worry because we are here to provide you relevant information. So, There are many types of custom room cards such as Red custom card, normal custom cards, drone view custom card all this custom card you can get for free.

Normal Custom Card:
You can get this very easily if you have only 100 diamonds or you can even get after completing dog tag tournament.

Drone view custom card:
This custom card is very unique because the one who makes a custom room in free fire game can get this drone view custom card and its unique feature is that player can experience drone view in the game and it is very helpful for the player who has this free custom room card because he gets to know the position of his opponents in the game, all the items which he has like weapons etc by which he can win the match easily. 

Special custom card: 
Thus is called special custom card because it has best features than other custom cards. Garina free fire uses this special type of custom card in its official tournament and official matches whereas other youtube streamers of free fire uses drone view custom room card. This custom room card has drone view also and you can even pause the match and even you can keep changing your weapon skin during the gameplay. 

This special custom card can even help you in eliminating or kicking out any of your opponent during the match if you want to. Famous youtube streamers like Gyan Gaming owns this kind of custom room card and to know about how he got it? you can visit his youtube channel called gyan gaming. You will also get to know how to get custom card in free fire without diamond.

Red custom card:
This card is not available every time in free fire game. It is very rare to find with the free fire players because you cannot get it with 100 diamonds. Sometimes you can get free room in free fire or free unlimited diamonds by luck.

How to get custom card in free fire

Step 1: You will have to join any guild of your own choice.

Step 2: After joining any Guild of your choice you will get to see tournaments. Tournaments are basically organized every week that is on Saturday and it is not necessary to be on Saturday because it can be after every 7 days.

Step 3: You need to complete dog tag counter.

Step 4: After you finish completing dog tag counter you will get your custom card and can claim it through the mail where you need to claim the custom room cards.

Now let's see how to use this custom room cards in the game?
Step 1: You will see on your free fire home screen in the right top corner classic Bermuda

Step 2: Click on Classic Bermuda and you will find many other options available but you will have to only click on custom.

Step 3: A big screen appears with ID numbers room number, game mode and all.

Step 4: In the bottom right side you will find create custom in yellow box and beside it you can also see the number of custom cards available with you.(Important note: you can only create custom room if you have 1 custom card)

Step 5: Type the name of the custom room, password, game mode (solo, duo, squad), number of players and all other things in the box.

Step 6: Click on confirm.

Step 7: Invite your friends and then click on start.

How to get unlimited custom cards in free fire 

As you know that diamonds are needed to buy different types of custom cards in order to create custom room through which you can play versus with your so many friends. A different custom cards cost varies from 100 diamonds to 600 diamonds. If you are finding on How to get unlimited custom cards in free fire, we are finally announcing you guys that we are giving free redeem code 2022-2023 by which you can do top up free diamonds in your free fire account. 


We are sharing with you this free redeem code for free fire 2022 by which you can get as many as unlimited custom cards or unlimited free diamonds you want. Also guys, if you all are looking for free redeem code for top Criminal Green Bundle then go visit our previous posts and find it out. Custom cards can be only used one at a time. So, keep this in your mind that each custom card can create just one custom room which the creator has to decide whether to be private or public.

With how many friends you can play in custom matches. Then yes, we have got an answer for you that you can play with your friends 1 versus 1 which is solo, 2 versus 2, 3 versus 3 and 4 versus 4, 2 versus 3,1 versus 4 and all by creating room lobbies.

Coming back to the main topic which is how to get unlimited custom cards in free fire or how do you get free custom card. You can get as many as custom cards for free if you are there in as much number of guilds. 

Follow the instructions given below to get custom room card:

Step 1: Go to your member list and click on tournament section

Step 2: Click on claim

Step 3: Go to mail box and claim your custom cards. If you were a leader in a guild then change it into a member and then again send a request to your guilds and follow the same process which is stated above and enjoy getting as much number of free custom cards or unlimited custom cards you want in free fire game.

Amazing trick or tips to get free custom cards in free fire

1. Make sure you have 5000 gold coins in your free fire account.

2. Create a custom room Guild with 5000 gold coins

3. Add other 19 of your free fire friends. So that in each group consists of 4 members who can play differently and make booyah!

4. Complete the dog tag tournament till Friday.

5. Enter Lv as 30, Approval method as auto and click on create.

6. If the players are getting killed then, you can make a fake account as your guest account through uid and participate in the game in order to complete dog tag tournament.

7. After you complete this dog tag tournament free fire rewards every player with unlimited custom cards on Saturday. 

8. You can also download an app called custom room from playstore.

9. You will then get to see many options as clash squad, classic bermuda, tournament practice.

10. Click on clash squad and enter room id and password

11. You will then be asked to complete few tasks like watching videos for just 5 minutes and then you will be rewarded with unlimited custom cards or free custom cards in your free fire account directly.

These were some of the major steps by which you could get free custom card in free fire or unlimited custom card in free fire. You would have also known what is custom card in free fire or how to get custom card in free fire without diamond. Here you would have got free redeem code for unlimited diamonds or free top ups.

Some frequently asked questions:

(1)How to get room card in free fire max?

Ans: We have already answered above, please do read.

(2)How to get free custom room card in free fire without guild ?

Ans: To get free custom room card in free fire without guild then you have to use your diamonds or you can get this cards from famous you tubers.

(3)How to get custom card in free fire without diamond?

Ans: If you want free custom room card then, you get it every Saturday, if you are in guild. 

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