What are the 6 most rarest items in new Garina Free Fire Game

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Rare items are those items which has become hardest and difficult for the free fire players to get it. Rare items are said to be 'rare' because all these items are not available now. If you are an old player of free fire from season-1 then you might know that how important those rare items have become nowadays in the game and you would be one among many to have those coolest rare items. 

Even if you are not an old player in this game, you should know the importance of these rare items because it is very interesting to know and you will also get an idea about these 6 rarest items and obviously it is more exciting to try new things and you guys shouldn't miss all of these. Even now you can't get 6 rare items or top 10 rare bundle in free fire because you never know when your luck is in your favor. 

Also, if you have acquired many diamonds in Garena free fire then you can participate in events such as Top up events, diamond royale, weapon royale, incubator, faded wheel etc and get all these coolest 6 rare items in the Garena free fire game with only one spin.

Garena Free Fire celebrated its 4th Anniversary on 28th August, 2021 and has declared that they will be providing all the players with more exciting bundles, free diamonds, free items free redeem code, etc, directly in players accounts. So, all you have to do is follow our post and stay updated as we will update you with all the information as soon as possible and make sure that you guys are not late in any way, here you can get free redeem code.


Let's start with our main topic about what are the 6 rare items in the GARENA FREE FIRE GAME 2022?

Many free fire players  do not have complete idea about these coolest 6 rare items in this game and doesn't know how cool it is to have these rare items because it is very difficult and players find it hard to get it.

Nowadays, every players search for 6 coolest rare items or top 10 rare bundle or most rare bundle in Garina Free Fire Game. So, we will provide you all the information and elaborate it in detail. The 6 rare items or free fire most rare emote in Garina Free Fire Game are the following:







Let's start with first rare item which is ELITE PASS SEASON-1 BUNDLE: 

This bundle consists of many coolest rare items such as Rabbit pink backpack which has cuteness from within and was available one to two years back. This backpack attracts the free fire players by its bright pink colour which is very attractive and elegant and it is also available in many different shapes. 

But, many free fire players have failed to get this because they didn't like its appearance much as it is very ordinary but now they regret their decision as this item has become most rare or are one of the top 10 rare bundle and have more demand because many famous Garina free fire players owns it. Now, what you players can do is better look for next new rare items rather than regretting.

This elite pass season-1 also contains Sakura festival which has also become oldest rare items, if you are an old free fire player then you might be knowing this. Obviously, now you can't do anything to get it back if you don't have, as now it's not available because it is one of the most rare items in free fire or is one of the most rare bundle. 

So, better look for new items. Anyways many players have requested for this to come back but this game won't update because this is an elite pass and so it is considered as one of the rarest item in Garena Free Fire Game.



Elite pass is one of the most wanted item and also it is one of the rare items in free fire of this year and it also means that if you miss this hip hop festival bundle then, there is no other way to get it back because once it is gone, it never returns and that is why it has become a rare item or one of the top 10 rare bundle in free fire

Artic Blue Bundle:

This is one of the most demanded and best bundle or is one of the most rare bundle in the GARENA FREE FIRE GAME. This bundle is also one of the rarest item in the free fire because in Indian server only 1% percent people have claimed it. Most of the players did not give importance about this rare bundle by which it has become one of the most rare items in Garina Free Fire. 

The players regret now of not choosing this item because now they have come to know that this bundle has lots of benefits and it cannot be compared with any other bundles. If you have this bundle then you are luckiest person. The entire criminal bundles are called the rarest criminal bundle in free fire 2022 or 2023.

Also, if you are searching that which is the most rare criminal bundle ? then we have an answer for you which is given below.

We know that Garina Free Fire Game has come up with new item such as Top Green Criminal Bundle on its 4th Anniversary and also if you haven't claimed it then, you can visit my previous post and check out our redeem code for Green Criminal Bundle and claim it before it ends.

Coming to the question, Which is the most rare Criminal bundle in free fire? then we have got an answer for you that the Red Criminal Bundle is one of the rarest criminal bundle in free fire because only one percent of players could claim it in the Indian server and that is why it has become very rare and difficult to get it back. 

Only famous free fire youtube players has got this bundle such as Badge99 who is very popular for his playing skills in the free fire game. But also guys, I think Ted criminal bundle will surely return again for Indian server but we are not sure about dates but if we get any details regarding this we will surely post up soon for which you guys need to stay tuned for our new post.

You guys might have doubt about which bundle is known as the best in free fire game? So, let’s discuss

Which bundle is the best in free fire game?

We know that there are so many different types of bundles in thus game but ELITE PASS 1 and 2, & RED CRIMINAL BUNDLE are the two best bundles in the free fire game which are owned by many popular free fire players. The youtube free fire players such as Vincenzo, Ankush player, White444 has Elite pass bundle whereas players like Badge99, BlackArmy has this red criminal bundle.

Black rare T-shirt:

This T-shirt one of the top 10 rare items or rarest T-Shirt in free fire as it is full plain but very attractive to the youngster in the free fire game because it is black in color and we know that black is the most loved color by all the people. In the starting when this game was new to the players this T-shirts were free and was available in all different colours but players didn't use it by which it became a rare item. Even now the players requests Garina to get these rare items back, its not possible because it has already become rare and it cannot return.

Asian Scarf:

You might be thinking why this has become a rare item or is one of the rarest item of free fire then, let me tell you that this rare item in free fire Asian scarf had a very unique look and it could go with any kind of dress which made the player look amazing. Only 0.5 % players could get this item in the Indian server whereas many other server like Brazil had many players having this Asian scarf by which this item has become very rare. Famous Garina free fire players like Ajjubhai, Ankush free fire have this rarest item of free fire Asian scarf and are loved by them.

Bunny MP40:

This is another and most demanding weapon in the free fire game or one of the rarest game weapon in free fire because it is very rare to find with free fire players. If anyone of you have this, will know how crazy it is to use this in free fire game. You guys can also get MP40 permanently from airdrop. This item is not seen now so, it has become a very rare item in the free fire game.

So this were one of the most rarest item in free fire or were one of the top 10 rare bundle in free fire. Here you would have read about the most rarest bundle, most rare t-shirt, rarest pant in free fire, which is rarest bundle in free fire.

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